Three Tips To Improve Your Running Today


Everyone can run, but how efficiently you do it can make a huge difference. You don’t have to be running crazy marathons to take your running seriously, even if you’re running once a week putting the follow techniques into action will help you to improve your technique, run faster and help reduce your risk of injury. 

Running cadence 

This is the number of times your foot hits the floor during running. If you’re running with a low cadence, you might well be over striding causing your foot to hit the floor well before the hips. This can cause you to be more prone to injury.

The magic number you might read across blog posts is 180, but few people are going to be bang on the money instead falling slightly under or over. Anywhere from 175-185spm. There’s two easy ways to check this, if you have a running watching it very likely tracks your cadence. If not, you can just go old school. Count the number of times your left foot hits the ground over 30 seconds. Double it to get to 60 seconds, then again for both legs. You should now have your running cadence.

If you’ve round it’s quite a bit lower than the ideal number, you can slowly bring that up no more than 5% at a time. Your body adapts to slow and gradual change! Download a metronome onto your phone, and set it to 5% higher than your current cadence. Practice running along to that beat, it might feel strange to begin with but you’ll adapt. Build up to a 5k with that cadence, and slowly start to increase.

Spice up running routine 

If you’re new to running, it’s very easy to run the same route at the same pace each week. The likelihood of you getting quicker is slim. Try adding some different training methods into your weekly training schedule. 

For example if you’re running three times per week, you could do a speed session, a progression run and a weekend long run. If you have no idea where to start, look into joining a local run club that can help guide your training.

Strength train for running 

Now as you know, I’m very passionate about bridging the gap on strength training and running. There’s just no getting around the fact you need to be working on your strength, and even more so if you’re running on a regular basis.

You can head to my Instagram for running based strength training or get in touch for 1:1 online coaching. Either way, you don’t have to have access to a gym or need a lot of equipment. Yourself and some bands are a brilliant place to start.


Hopefully you’ve learnt something new and ready to action it today. I’d really love to hear from you, some come and say hello on Instagram and if you have any questions just ask. Running is a great way to enjoy outdoor space, and I really want you to have a long and healthy running experience. If you think there’s someone who’d benefit from reading this, spread the love and share it around. 

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