How to start running in four steps

Running has so many benefits, from feeling fitter to better mental health. But if it’s completely new to you, where do you start? I’m often asked this question, so I wanted to give you the starting tools to head off on your first run! 

Buy a pair of running trainers 

The last thing you want to do, is start running in an old pair of shoes you’ve had for years. Your walking and running gait differ, therefore it’s essential you have a specific pair of trainers you use just for running. You don’t need to break the bank, just head to a local sports shops and try a few pairs on. For discounted trainers, Wiggle is a good site to look at once you know what brand you like wearing!

Start slow and remain positive 

Running, just like anything else takes practice. You can’t expect to run once and find it the easiest thing in the world. And whilst that sounds a little blunt, it needs saying as I hear so many people say they hate running but only tried it once! Start with the NHS “couch to 5K” which is a really good starting point. It breaks the run down into intervals, which you can work at your own pace. Keep in mind not every run is going to be perfect, there is always tomorrow, so keep your head up and keep moving forward. 

Make it work for you 

The difference between running alone and with someone can make or break the journey! Some people love running alone, and others love to run with other people. It’s important to know what works for you, and not allow other people to dictate to you. Just ask a friend or two if they want to join you, find a local running club or maybe a family member would like to join you? Either way, making it work for you will always allow you to enjoy the journey and keep going! 

Strength training is key 

Make sure you’re keeping on top of your strength, even if you’re doing band and bodyweight exercises at home. If you keep running with weak surrounding muscles, you will very likely run into injuries. You can watch this video to take some inspiration for simple and cost effective band exercises!


Have you just started running or looking to give it a try, is there anything that’s helped you? Let me know over on Instagram or Twitter, I love hearing from you! 

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