Triathlon doesn’t have to cost the Earth or your bank account

If starting one sport isn’t enough, once you add three the pennies start to add up. It’s very easy to get caught up in the middle of everything, and before you know it you looking like a walking triathlon advertisement. I’m four weeks out from my first open water race, and so wanted to share the steps I’ve taken to attempt to be more conscious of money but also environmental impact. 

Don’t be embarrassed to go second hand 

There can be a stigma attached to second hand items, but seriously it can save you a ton of money for practically new items! So far I’ve bought my bike and cycling jersey second hand, the bike being from a friend and the jersey a good find from eBay. Going second hand is also a great way to be more eco friendly, there’s already so much clothing in the world why buy new if you really don’t have to?

You don’t need to most expensive gear 

Trust me, I am such a spendthrift and would very happily buy all the latest gear. But, I have tried to be as restrained as I can. Check out sites like Wiggle for cheaper gear, which usually tends to be previous ranges. There’s always going to be more expensive brands, just because it has a name attached to it.

Start slow and decide if you like it 

I’m writing this having not done an open water triathlon yet, yes I’ve been doing the training and really enjoying it so far but the races are what I’m building up to. For that reason I’ve not gone crazy with the equipment, for example you could just wear cycling shorts and t-shirt underneath your wetsuit for the cycle and run. I have normal cycling shoes, but who knew you can buy specific triathlon ones which give you a quicker transition! There’s always going to be something new you can buy, so I always give myself two rules. Firstly, think before I buy, do I truly need the item. And lastly, will the item get 30 wears. I am far from perfect, but keeping these in mind really helps!


Have you just started triathlon or already got a few races under your belt? Let me know if this has helped you, you can find me @oliviafurner on Instagram and Twitter! 



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